The relay APIs and docs are work in progress.

Conduit Relay is an umbrella project for I/O and communication functionality built on top of Conduit’s Core API. It includes four components:

  • io - I/O functionally beyond binary, memory mapped, and json-based text file I/O. Includes optional Silo, HDF5, and ADIOS I/O support.
  • web - An embedded web server (built using CivetWeb) that can host files and supports developing custom REST and WebSocket backends that use conduit::Node instances as payloads.
  • mpi - Interfaces for MPI communication using conduit::Node instances as payloads.
  • mpi::io - I/O functionality as with io library but with some notion of collective writing to a shared file that can include multiple time steps and domains.

The io and web features are built into the conduit_relay library. The MPI functionality exists in a separate library conduit_relay_mpi to avoid include and linking issues for serial codes that want to use relay. Likewise, the parallel versions of the I/O functions are built into the conduit_relay_mpi_io library so it can be linked to parallel codes.